Work Hard, Have Fun, Get Stronger!


I often hear...

"I wish I lived closer"
"My schedule only allows me to workout at _____ time"
"My schedule is constantly changing, I need something flexible"

Face it, often all my potential clients want to workout at the same time.

The solution that allows me to help more people is to provide online personal training. With technology this is becoming a very realistic choice for many. I've been doing it for a few clients for some time. Now I am officially offering this service via an easy to use app. Clients are also able to use a combination of in-person and online training. This is a great option and gives you a complete training program at a reasonable fee.

I will take limited online clients because I always want to keep my services personal.
No cookie cutter training programs. Do you want to workout at home? We can make a great plan for you. Prefer gym workouts? Yes, we can do that too. Is running the main part of your workout, and you need some guidance and supplemental workouts? Got ya covered.

In addition to general fitness programs I also provide training for runners and walkers. Some are just getting started while others are training for endurance events.

Online Training Plans Include:
  • Customized training program
  • Frequent online check ins with your trainer
  • Goal setting for fitness, weight loss, or athletic goals
  • Accountability
  • Motivational support and workout reminders
  • Training tips
  • Nutrition guide (optional)
  • Access to your training plan via your desk top, i-pad, or smart phone using our training app


Please Note: I do not provide the services of a physician, physical therapist, or licensed dietician. Information received should not be seen as medical advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.