Work Hard, Have Fun, Get Stronger!


Coach Patty provides custom training plans and marathon coaching for runners of all levels. Training is especially helpful if you want to work toward your first marathon. We also provide training for other distances, whether you just want help getting started or you want to train for a specific race.

  • Having a training routine is the best way to improve without injury. Coach Patty works with all types of athletes to complete races from 5k to ultra-marathon distance.

  • Training is also available to those interested in starting a running program for fitness purposes.

  • Walkers can get most of the same fitness benefits as runners. For some people walking is actually a better option. Just like runners, you can start a walking program strictly for fitness or you can train for a variety of races.

  • Beginner racewalking instruction is available for fitness walkers wanting to improve technique and walking performance.

  • Free hiking / outdoor activity group for women. We meet at a variety of trails in the DFW area for exercise paced hiking and other outdoor activities. Contact me anytime for additional information