Work Hard, Have Fun, Get Stronger!


  • Patty is an excellent coach. She is very knowledgeable about technique and injury prevention. She gave exceptional attention to every member of her group and showed excellent motivational skills. - Sharon Lucas, Lukes Locker

  • I have been working with Patty for about 20 months now. She is great to work with, flexible, supportive and encouraging. She challenges you to do your very best. As a result of my work with Patty, my brother also hired her as his trainer. We both plan to continue working with her. - Shelli B.

  • Fun! I just started working with Patty about a month ago. I have learned to enjoy working out again & I am getting stronger in only a few weeks. - Susan D.

  • With Patty's coaching and encouragement, I improved my cardio fitness and lost 30 pounds. She is knowledgeable with a "no nonsense" approach. I highly recommend her. - Sandy D.

  • Hanging around this group has changed my life. I'm stronger, I've lost weight, and just feel better. - Greg S.

  • I have been training with Patty for nearly six months now. She has created workouts that are appropriate for me, given my age and condition, as well as interesting and challenging. She's very knowledgeable, always punctual, and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly. - Balinda A.

  • I enjoy personal training with Patty. She is a great motivator. She knows when to push me and I usually do more than I thought I could. I am very happy with my progress. - Cindy B.

  • Patty comes to our home to train twice a week. We always get a good workout, and we can tell a huge difference if we have to miss a session. Our fitness level was really low due to desk jobs and our inactive lifestyle. Since we started training we feel so much better and are generally more active than we have been in years. - Diana R.

  • I started walking & running later in life. Thanks to Patty and her group I now enjoy racing on weekends and have even gotten my family involved. For the first time in my life I feel like an athlete! Highlight of 2010: the NYC marathon! - Susan F.

  • I felt pretty helpless when I first started working out with Patty. She is incredibly patient. With her encouragement I have made it half way to my weight loss goal and I am now training for my first half marathon. - Sam J.

  • Patty is awesome. She has been so supportive along the way and made me feel welcomed in class even when I couldn't do most of the exercises. I can now do planks, burpees, mountain climbers and much more. I haven't weighed in a while but the last time I did I had lost 26 lbs. I can't even tell you how many inches I have lost! I feel great and am so excited to be working out with Patty and our group. - Sheila R.

  • Great trainer. She is amazing. I could feel results after the second visit. - Valda D.